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Friday, 17 February 2012

Songs of the day/ Background Score Love - Kung Fu Panda

Ello there,

You have seen Kung Fu Panda haven't you? Its fantastically awesome! yes its true, its that awesome.

A couple of days ago I was online, as I as usually seem to be, downloading some music.
My ipod recently had a host of problems that left without most of my music. I was getting the theme from Finding Nemo ( it will get a post of its own, later) and the youtube sidebar showed some Kung Fu Panda songs.
And then some punches to the face, rickshaw chases, roundhouse kicks, silk eating goats, geese fathers and baby panda's later, I got nearly the entire soundtrack :)

It makes me so unbelievably happy this music. What is so wrong with feeling epic and you solve some math problems or brush your teeth or wearing your sweater or talking to your cousin or walking down stairs or ......... well you understand.

So here let me make you friday more epic and then you will love the it so much, then you'll here it all throughout the weekend.

Music by- Hans Zimmer and John Powell
ok bye                  

P.S- Thank you sister, for redesigning the blog. I loves you :)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Back to habits/Background Score Love- Bourne trilogy

I drew some more today. This burst of bits of inspiration was long overdue. But sadly my writing has been non existent and no amounts force re-reading has helped. So now I have resorted to my earlier method. The same method that I have been trying to avoid. I listen to some background scores (surprise surprise) of simliar theme. I have been trying to avoid this because it becomes a very annoyingly dependent habit and I want to be able to write without music.

Anyway so my score for today is - The Bourne trilogy soundtrack composed by John Powell.

The theme is so extremely perfect and it makes you feel so many cool things all at once. A few of the things this score makes you feel like you are doing and makes you want to do are:

1) while using the computer and hearing some of the songs you do in fact feel like you are uncovering some covert government operation.

2) hacking into the systems of said government to send them on the wrong trail.

3) knowing more about your forgotten espionage career.

4) gravely stare, first into the computer screen then into the distance above the screen, reason for sudden rush of emotions being  -the sadistic govt. operation
                                      -the horrible things you did before turning rogue.  

5) a sense of urgency suddenly attacks you. This would be cooler if after leaving your computer screen you were to assemble your gun but life, sadly is not always so obliging.

So thats it I am off trying to force my sub conscious to reveal my hidden espionage skills I urge you all to do the same and my the best spy win!

p.s - always, whenever you can help it use the word espionage instead of spying
     - I have always wanted to say the word 'rogue'. I can die in peace now.