Monday, 12 July 2010

Background Score Love!

My love for background scores constantly grows, with every new movie  I see. And of course Hans Zimmer is God when it come to background scores.The stuff he's done.....Oh my God! Almost every second movie is done by him. But somehow The Lord of the Rings score by Howard Shore will always always remain my favourite no matter what.It always makes me feel better.Still its brilliance get magnified by a million when heard with the lights out , the weather rainy and the eyes closed.
It will never ever fail.

Its more than a background score for me.I haven't read the books and I like the films but the score means something entirely different to me.
It's a friend. 


  1. Hi Karman! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment, you've been so lovely!! I wish you a fabulous summer xx

  2. That is so interesting...I love the second one so much:) Hope you are having a lovely day:) Kisses

  3. oh i love that! i so know what you mean, a friend indeed. for me it's the music for the film RUDY--it's constantly being used as the background music to promote other films, but the only film it's actually in is RUDY and it get me every time.

  4. Sounds interesting must go check it out.thanks

  5. m.a.f, I heard the soundtrack and its amazing!thank you so much.

    Thank you for visiting my blog Diana and Zaira. =)


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