Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Hush now, let the silence return,
the deafness is calming me
my blanket of escape
just let me be.
Hush now let the silence breathe,

my thoughts are getting bigger,
killing my soul
the fights are getting louder
lost all control
So, hush and let the silence talk.

It's always expanding , never caring if I 
scream, shout, cry
It's been my friend these long years
will be till I die

The silence can be smothering
moving through me
breaking down everything
corrupting to simplify 

It's deafening and black
getting worse before everything is alright
It'll all be the night
Nothing can change me now
no me even left.
Hush now, let the silence take over,
It lives for me instead

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  1. This needs to be narrated !


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