Wednesday, 22 August 2012

As my mum described it "we're all being all being tossed up in the air at the same time and we have to wait and see where we land"
All of us are changing at the same time. All friends and all family, we've all reached this point in our intertwined lives where we're being forced to become a little bit independent from the other.

I've reached that point in my life, where the decisions made by me will not mean a way of life for my sister or my parents, or the other way around.

We will forever love each other but our lives become our own. I'm learning now of being my own self.
For years we move on this earth, learning and living. There are people who change us, things that make us. There are days spent in laughter and some spent alone on your bed.
There are walks taken under trees. There are hugs and there is music.

We become someone, being in the company and love of all these things and people. And we can choose to spend our days with them but that is an independent choice, made by you alone. Made by your being and your mind alone.

And if you trust in your heart they will move you towards that life. Move you to a life where your being is complete, where your emotions fill you up and you have no regrets, not even by the pain cause by separation.

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  1. Your mum's words almost beat Forrest's mom's words.
    Really eloquent post man.It sounds like one of Kevin Arnold's soliloquies from The Wonder Years.


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