Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Plant People

Did I ever tell you I love flowers. I've told my sister many times that one of the things I really want to experience is getting flowers from someone, anyone for no reason what so ever. I just want to be given flowers on a random regular day just because.
Have I also told you that I buy myself flowers on days I feel sad or out of sorts? Its a combined effort of my mind and my ipod that gets me to a shop and makes me buy some flowers and spend time putting them in water and making my room so much brighter.

Ever since I was little I remember hearing my mom and my nana (maternal grandpa) talk about different flowers and trees. They way they spoke showed so much knowledge and love for them. Even my sister came to be included in this. It seemed that it was genetic this inherent knowing of plants. In my mind it became their thing, they were my plant people. I wanted to be them so much. I wanted to be good with plants and know them too. Then a couple of years ago I was buying some stationary and was having a generally crappy mesh-into-others kind of days so in the spur of the moment I bought some purple coloured tiny flowers for myself to cheer me up! And then that became my thing. To buy myself some flowers and cheer myself up.

But one of the main reasons I love them in my house or room so much is that it always reminds of my plant people. Whenever I buy some flowers I always think how nana grows these in his garden or how mum would love putting them in one of her lovely vases (which I miss so much!)

Now that Delhi is gearing up for Diwali, I can't help but remember mum, Aman and me going early morning to go buy flowers to do up the house with. This being our first diwali apart, I feel gutted (okay, yes I did use that word because I've always wanted to).
But never mind, I get to go home soon and then I'm going to help mum grow some orchids! And now having read all of this again I guess all that is left for me to do is declare myself as one of the them.... I am now a plant person.


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