Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Here in Delhi we get a rare gift from time to time for battling out the harshness. We get rain and pleasant weather. And even though we get a month of monsoon its is not the same because the monsoon doesn't bring pleasant weather, it brings moisture and stickiness and blocked roads.

One of the greatest and rarest gift Delhi can give you is a rain cloudy morning and last night I saw a windy  night melt away slowly and surely to reveal a rain cloudy morning which is something else!

If I love one aspect of weather it is wind. More than rain or sunny winter days, I love wind.

There is something so alive about wind.
Something incredibly special to watch  fluttering leaves turn to swing dancing of the entire tree.
There is something really exciting to suddenly find that the stillness outside has turned around.

And windy weather combined with a grey sky is even better. It makes everything high definition. The colours look deeper. Everything seems brighter and sharper in a strange way. One thing I love about Delhi weather is that it is never stagnant, never constant. I love the extreme highs and extreme lows. It makes you appreciate greatly the lovely in between weather and makes you appreciate other places for their weather.

So here are a few songs that sound incredible in this weather. A full playlist is here, should you wish to listen to more songs!


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  1. I love this :) I like how you described windy, grey days. Nothing makes me happier than a warm sunny day, but nothing makes me feel alive more than a grey one.

    Also I LOVE Singin' in the Rain, so glad you put that on your list!


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