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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


She has tears stored in herself.
Inside the depth of those large
Brown Eyes
are shelves and cabinets
of glass phials for her many tears.

Some are the sweetest you could imagine
saved for the joy of seeing a mountain road
saved for hearing a song long forgotten ago

She uses some to cope with her bitterness 
And some help her drown her sorrow in sleepiness

The ones she loves the most flow with a smile.
The ones she loves the dearest, are all memories
with the purest of delight.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Would you do me a favour?  Can listen this while you read. You'll understand I'm talking about better.

You know that feeling when your heart feels so full its going to burst. You breathe so deeply and you close your eyes to take it all in. You feel the vastness of this world, of this heart of yours, your life and your love.

That is how i would describe 'epic'
Feeling so big you can barely survive it

I know you all know I love background scores. I love them not as a piece of music but a way of life.

The absence of words fills me up better. Some might consider it silly when I say I listen epic scores while walking down the road. Even I might consider it silly.

But what I feel at that moment I would never give up for anything, for even my life.

Have you ever tried it? Listen to something that fills you up.
Listen to it outside, where there is sky, where night wind loops around you neck.

It feels like there is a joke shared among only this vast universe and me, just the 2 of us.
Its what magic feels like I guess.

Believe me when I say it makes me Brave.

Everyone has that something or someone, that helps them out with anything. Any situation, if you have that person or that particular thing, you're not afraid anymore.
That's what this music is for me.

A friend had recently asked me "what is the one thing that makes all your decisions? That one thing that governs all your actions?"

Its the music I listen to.

Being brave is the only thing I have ever wanted to be.
Such importance is given in my family, to standing up for things you believe in. For being brave.

And I want to be remembered for only that. For being the bravest person someone knew.

But my heart feels so divided. One side feels that if there were ever a situation for me to show courage I would. I would proudly with my shoulders high go into this situation. And this other part of me doubts it, tells me that all I would be is a Coward and nothing more.

If this music makes me brave then so be it.
So many of countless doubts have been silenced by this music
So many times I have done things with nothing in my, nearly bursting heart, but this music.
And this is how I intend to live my life.
With Bravery