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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

There are days with sunshine
a Bright Heart
a Blazing soul.

Days turn sour
minds turn grey
eyes search in a melancholy fire
for lost brightness

shrouded in their blanket of grey
cold tears run from ashen faces

like a spark hands extend to
beating hearts.
A swirling red pigments the grey
a Red of love, a Red of anger
a Red of heart
a Red of Human.

And like a spark again comes the yellow
its suddenness mirroring that of life's
A Bright fills in again.
A Sun warms a Soul.

Monday, 2 April 2012


Hello beautifuls,
yes you!

I have no idea why but I decided to do a daily blogpost this week. Probably because then I can set a specific time to come online and not waste it.

So I thought today I will tell you the recent happening in Casa de Chapatti.

Finally after months and months I managed to negotiate a truce with the borrowers squatting in my desk drawer. I spoke to them yesterday, they seem to be loving the top of the cupboard. They say they get great views, which is nice.

My minions still haven't finished their martial arts training.
Now I know what you will say
"Oh Lordy! How long will it take?" I agree with you my friend. How long indeed!

But till the time they can break into my room undetected they will not pass. They always knock first! silly things.

And what else........................
Oh yes! my poinsettia plant has stopped talking to me. I dont't know why! It just sulks and withers.

Ooh and and..
I saw an elephant skiing on Nelson Mandela road.
As Eddie Izzard once said

"If you've never seen an elephant ski then you've never been on acid"