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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


There is such deep ancient
love in that smell.

Sharp, distinct from any other

Crispy clean
and completely fulfilling

Coming along with it
that wind which bites your cheeks red.
Those cracks in the sky
white & silver

That Sound of Power, distinct from any other

Creates an excitement
long forgotten by you.

Feels like the earth
swallows you whole.
Reminds you what it 
 truly is

An Ancient Earth, distinct from any other.

(image from doctor who)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

It rained today

The day started hazy and dusty.Without a sun. A day it seemed that was destined to make no mark this year.
Then around 1 it started to rain-pour-thunder-lighten.
A day that made me use my new scarf to the fullest.A day that has possibly ruined a cool pair of shoes for me.
But  mostly it turned out to be a day with rain that gave the promise of a cold winter.

Thanks to the rain I had one of the nicest car rides back from my class.
With the wind first hugging then biting me (in a good way, like my sister :)
A ride with the window down made me see this winter in fast forward in my head.
A winter with:
1. a scarf a day
2. with legs in quilts
3. with garam chai
4. with 2 layers of sweater because just does not do...
5. Tomato Soup

I hope this winter is all I expect.

Happy 50th post dear blog:)