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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Background Score Love- Harry Potter deathly hallows part 1

You know what breaks my heart more that opnening my 7th harry potter
hearing Obliviate.

For the first time a harry potter soundtrack that maintained its individuality

Just hearing this song gives me this wretched scared feeling like I know what is ahead of me but I just don't have the courage in my heart to move forward.
The brilliance that the writing of J.K Rowling is that by the 7th book you weren't a spectator. You were a best friend
A Weasley  maybe.
There weren't 3 main but 4.
you too were appointed this great task of helping harry of being there for him.

And this track for me is the only thing that has captured that feeling.
that feeling of loosing all of your heart yet having to move forward because you must.

This is the only sound that could get the  force to crush your heart watching Hermione make here parents believe she doesn't exist.The only sound that could capture the strained lives of all the Weasley's
The only sound that meant sacrifice.

-soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat