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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Artist- Background score love

Here is a new background score for you guys to fall in love with.

For those who haven't seen The Artist, move your lazy bums, get it to a screen and watch! The score is by Ludovic Bource, who has mainly worked with Michel Hazanavicius, director of The Artist.

Being a silent film this was the dialogue. Even though they wrote out to you what was being said there was such immense focus on the score.
Its presence was felt throughout the entire film, calling it background would be extremely insulting.
And the only word that comes to mind to try and describe it is, lightness. To me the essence of all the characters and the story is to a large extent stored in the score of the film and for this films more than half of it is in this beautiful score. And as my mum said "its lovely, that someone got to compose such music again."

My favourite part it that even if it isn't a happy scene, if its something filled with anger or sadness, there is just this layer of sweetness in this score, as is with the film.

So as always hear these two songs above and then the rest on youtube later, especially:
Peppy and George
Fantaisie d'Amour

Doesn't it make you want to live in the 1930s.
Enjoy it!