Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Last Bite

Why is it that the last bite of anything is always the most loved?
It tastes exactly the same as everything else, all seasoning intact, yet it's the end of the rainbow with all the world's gold.

The last bite of the ice cream cone or the last spoonful of the freshest raita, the last edible portion of the after lunch mango, the last sliver of sponge cake with tea, the last sip of tomato soup on a freezing day or the last gulp of lime soda on a sweltering day, the last piece of cucumber that bursts in the mouth.

There is just something better about that bite. Everyone knows that everything tastes better in the last bite.
It's the last piece of magic which lingers on in taste, like fairy dust floating and twinkling in the air.

Holidays in Shimla always consist of the best food with so many last bites, they can make a meal in themselves. But it is only here that after the last bite the magic doesn't linger, it begins, in the form of an after meal nap.


  1. I take it a step further. I make sure I save the best bit for the end. Makes it ohsomuchmorespecial, if you know what I'm on about. ;)

    1. Oh i most definitely know what you're on about!

  2. I LOVE this one soo much! I can read and re-read it and feel tickled everytime!
    It makes me miss things, in a happy way.


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