Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer Lists

Greetings all! How is your day going?
Have I mentioned that I'm done with school. As of right now I have no admission forms to fill and no immediate result coming out. I can do absolutely anything and what am I doing, absolutely nothing.

So I think it is time for a good list. I love a good proper list, I do!  Here it goes, a list of things I have managed to do and quite a few things that I must do.
  • Must do 2 Lord of the Rings marathons. (I will explain this in another post.)

  • I have started reading books again and it is amazing but the number of naps I take have also increased so finishing the books might take time.

  • I have to start working on a few gifts. The idea behind them is amazing but the execution I'm a little worried about.

  • I have to watch The Avengers, The Hunger Games and Wrath of the Titans.

  • I heard some new music, well it was new to me. Am I stupid to like Led Zeppelin only now? But I still maintain that Stairway to Heaven is not all that great.

  • I am going to start learning some cool new pieces in my piano class and I am determined to meet my teachers doggies. They always seem to disappear when I have a class. I'm sensing a pattern.

  • I must post letters more frequently.

Happy Summer to you all! 

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