Monday, 20 February 2012

Keeping faith in the simple and the silly.

One important aspect if you're born into an Indian house is the religion of your family. It maybe be any of them, which this country seems to house but you have to follow it. Its only different for you if your parents are atheists.

I have nothing against any of these two types of people. I like religion, I love how different beliefs are and how masses and masse are moved to action with the same common faith and I love how atheists have invested their faith elsewhere.

But one thing I always felt about religion and the concept of it from ancient times, is that, when we put things back into their grand scheme and step away from our small small lives, it scares us. Things are just too big for us to handle so we like to believe that they aren't in our control, we start believing in a higher power. And I feel that as much as atheists believe in no God/gods, when shit hits the fan even they pray, send a thought out to the universe in hope.

We are never not in control.
"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." 

Its wrong to have faith only in the time of need or for that matter to worship one person or several gods.
I don't believe in worship or even a place for one, even if I go to one. 
I go there mainly because I have all my life, like going to school except less often. Maybe its nostalgia that takes me back to them. I like looking at the way things work around a place of worship. I repeat again, I like religion, I like the cultural aspect of it, I'm a history student after all.

I dont count myself as a religious person or an atheist or an agnostic. I just simply and plainly have faith. That is the important thing after all. It the common thing among all the three types. 
I keep it in simple, silly and stupid things. I have faith in my sisters or friends and in them being able to do whatever it is that they love. I have faith even when I dont practice and go for a class that my teacher will not scold me. I have faith in myself, especially when I listen to music. In fact if I had my own religion, music would be God.

I did go to a place of worship and that too right before my exams because that is what you are supposed to do, get blessings before something big. 
But while I was there not once did I actually pray for my good fortune because that is something I must face alone. 
I just sent a thank you out into the open, for everything around me and everyone around me these last some years of happiness.

But my faith seemed less strong while I was there. I feel more power in my faith when I have it in my own house in my own life. Being there felt that I was diminishing it somehow.

I didn't need to be there, at that place for my faith to be strong.
I just needed to be me and where ever I was.

And in all seriousness I believe in inner peace. 
To me faith, trust,hope, inner peace and Happiness are all the same. 


  1. I think its very brave for anyone to write about themselves and then what they firmly believe in.
    It displays the faith you have in yourself.

    How does your faith feel weak or strong in different spaces. I'd like to read more on that.

  2. There is already a post working its way on that subject.....soon.


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