Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Case of Crenshaw's Block #4

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While he is asleep I think I should take the opportunity to tell you about Mr. Crenshaw.

Well as of right this moment he isn't much. Medium built, medium height, average face, average name. That's why he was very happy that his first book was such a hit. Atleast his intellect and creativity weren't mediocre, but as you can see he is now losing that belief.

Now here are some things that have contributed to him being the man he is now.

~In class 5th he won an intra-class jingle writing competition, though sadly there wasn't any certification.
~In the year 1985 he won 3 times his money's worth in a glass pyramid game at the fete in his neighbourhood.

~1995 he fed a giraffe some berries at the Dosso Reserve in Africa.
~ At the age of 25 for the first time in his life a girl told him that she loved him. To which he replied with a series of snorts, as the coke he was drinking went up his nose.
~They married in next year

But more on that later, he seems to be waking up.

Now I know all of us are expecting atleast some inspiration from the dreams he dreamt that night, something to put in ink.
But Alas! all he woke up with was a cramped back and some drool..

Its true our highly respected, well read author was a drooler.

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