Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Flowers for a normal day

I bought myself flowers today evening.
And I felt GOOD.
Especially since today was neither good nor bad.
It was just a day that started out destined to go unnoticed.
But now it is the day I bought some flowers and myself feel good with some much needed
pretty-ness in my home.
So now for the next two or three days I will smile and for that brief moment my heart shall feel lighter:)

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  1. The flowers are pretty...Cheer up!

    I had a pretty normal day myself. But then there's holi ahead which is exciting :)

  2. Shreya what about the first picture?
    why the question mark?

  3. The first picture is really nice. I like how artificial light looks like natural light here.

  4. Aww how lovely :) And they're so pretty too!


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