Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Case of Crenshaw's Block #2

Mr. Crenshaw  got dressed for a walk. He put on his jacket, double tied his laces, locked his door and then started. The purpose of this walk was not to slow down the pace of his mind but rather to let it run its course. His story was no where near even a page yet. His mind was moving so fast he felt like it wasn't part of his body at all. 
flashes of the woman in her 20s overflowed.
she's staring at  herself in the mirror,  stands alone in her bath room and just stares deep,  into her own eyes.

a man with an angular chin and grey hair,  running down a corridor of white, being chased by the woman in her 20s

she shoots her silenced gun at the dark figure infront of her

So it is evident that Mr. Crenshaw's story is far from completion but even in this half baked confusion of a story he his happy because its been a long time since his mind even got such flashes and once he hangs on to it at least 4 chapters shall come out of it and that is definite progress.

 Mr. Crenshaw's glimpses of his own story always followed a pattern, first he witnessed the usual cold hearted people, the bad guys, grey suits grey rooms and grey lives. This was basic he knew . Then one fleeting flash of the protagonist and lives were changed.

Mr. Crenshaw sat on a large rock on the side of the road and  thought over his story 'formula'. He hated how he had cornered himself into a 'formula', he was surprised that people even read his books anymore, but he also knew that this was all he had. Somehow nothing new ever came to him only new ways of doing the same predictable action  story.

p.s- the first part is here if you want to read


  1. New theme pinch!
    And somehow, I feel Mr. Cravenshaw might be a better name for the protagonist. ;)


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