Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Case Of Crenshaw's Block #1

In a room barely lit by a naked bulb, Howard John Crenshaw  puts his plate of tinned beans and a glass of milk on a table, on which is also kept an old typewriter.
He sits in front of the old Remington which is not in the best of condition and looks at what he has typed so far and it turns out to be only two lines which speak about the appearance of a woman in her 20's.

Now who is this Mr.H.J Crenshaw and why does he eat warm tinned beans?

Mr. Crenshaw is a man of 39 years with writer's block. At the moment he is in the process of writing his next novel but has progressed very little as we have already seen. He writes adventure novels, sometimes about spies, sometimes it's travellers. It always varies. He is in fact a best-seller novelist with many prize winners like
'Who shot my pocket-watch?' and "My late aunt and her triads'.
As of late he hasn't written much so his publishers decided that maybe he needed to be in the sort of environment that was in the novel. So as per the Mr. Crenshaw's request they rented him a house or rather a cottage in the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas.
In this cottage our Mr.Crenshaw has very little provisions, a small bed, his typewriter, one tiny gas stove and an assortment of tinned food to last him a very long time.(that I think shall solve the mystery of the beans)

Mr.H does all this to get into the character's mind. As to who is the character and what she does, he has no idea.
So as you can see our write is seriously blocked.

ps- more shall follow as soon I think it up.


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