Monday, 22 November 2010

A renaissance woman

Woman with pots & jars filled with
herbs, verbs and self-esteem

One day I will meet you
& we WILL be friends.

You will teach me,
 about your curiosities and dimensionality

You will teach me to be ME
& all the mees*  I can be.

In your fires of song and words
I will burn.

You will show me the other
side of burnt, suffered torture
the BRIGHT side.

And maybe someday with help from you
I will find it

The secrets that make ME.

And maybe I will help another
pass it on.

show her, her faces.
so she can know herselves,

that make her a RENAISSANCE WOMAN

* plural of me :)


  1. As a certain Mr. Carrey would say, " It's good!"

    Veeerrrryyyy gooooddd.

  2. thank you shreya and ~g (your name sounds so mysterious :)

  3. And the ones u pass it on to are surely benefiting...i count dem one of dem!

    beautiful writing. i can just never get dat flow!

  4. Thank you Dandelion. I somehow only get this flow when I'm in some weird state of mind ;)


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