Thursday, 8 August 2013

For the Lights

My light is out
My land seems lost.

Have faith my friend
only your path is bent,
all life isn't spent.

The dim like rain keeps falling
For whom do I spark my light?
The darkness is calling
I'm losing my fight.

Do not stray my friend
Your dream can stay true
Your light was meant to shine for one
one, will always be you.

What if when I reach 
no brightness is around?
For lights which I thought were plenty,
none seem to be found.

No one to take your hand 
No one to guide towards your land.

I am not the bravest or my fire bright
is there anything can be done by my light?

There is power in your fire
Strength & Might
It will make the forest brighter still
Defeat the ever growing night.

And if you find no forest
no beacon is in sight
You can be new hope
do it  For the Lights.


  1. stealmyposttitle8 August 2013 at 18:18

    "For the lights we step
    for the lights we run
    and when they all burn out
    don't wait for the sun"

  2. plz acapt my frand reqest


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